We offer life style photography and post production services for brands, editorial, photographers and individuals. MOT is founded and lead by Clàudia Sauret Verdejo.


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Claudia Sauret Verdejo

About Clàudia

A Catalan Generation Z, I was born and raised in Sant Pere de Ribes, a small town surrounded by vineyards beside the Mediterranean sea. 

In my teenage years I became fascinated by photography and decided to enroll at EASD Serra i Abella in Barcelona, to pursue my passion and study Artistic Photography. Over the next three years I was able to explore the different branches of this creative language and pursue the one that most attracted me: studio photography. At the end of my program, I was able to land an internship in Los Angeles with world-renowned photographer Kevin Lynch, who took me under his wing and helped me realize that the moment had come for me to take the plunge in real-life world photography. 

Back in Barcelona, I accepted a job at ForteCros&Partners, a photography studio where I have had the opportunity to deeply explore the technical aspects of post-production software while focusing on Fashion and Beauty Photography. Furthermore, as a freelance photographer, I pursue projects documenting social, cultural and sport events in my endeavor to open new career paths and continue to grow as a photographer. 

Aside from my professional responsibilities, my deep fascination and genuine interest on studio lighting pushes me to continue to explore and experiment with artificial light through a wide array of personal projects. 

In this moment of my career as a professional photographer, I stride to carve a path in the world of studio photography and photo-retouching with a focus on advertising.